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Monday, April 30, 2007

The Blame Game

Bill Kristol is one of the most irresponsible son of a bitch alive today. He has no scruples and has no personal accountability what-so-fucking-ever! I cannot believe the media still calls him an expert on Iraq and the Mid East! Just another treasonous bastard!

'In response to a question on "FOX News Sunday" yesterday about George Tenet's accusation that Bush administration neocons (Cheney, Perle, Feith) were pushing hard for war with Iraq despite Saddam having no links whatsoever to 9/11, Bill Kristol invoked Bill Clinton and said Tenet was not only a "mediocre" DCI, but also a "crybaby."

video_wmv Download (2.615 megs) here

Of course, comparing Clinton's Iraq policy to Bush's is the height of hilarity. While it's certainly true that Clinton signed the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998 that supported regime change, he did not unilaterally invade the country based on false pretense in defiance of world opinion. Nor did he do so in a reckeless manner that exacerbated the terrorist threat worldwide. Nice try, William the Bloody. Just take responsiblity for your misguided war and demented worldview already. Yea right…like that will ever happen. He'll just continue to use his FNC and TIME platforms to lecture everyone on how stupid they are, despite his being wrong about, well, everything.'

crooks and liars

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