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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Can't Wait For Elections...

First we have this tidbit from Atlanta:

ATLANTA (AP) -- The Georgia Secretary of State's office has begun an investigation into who threw more than 75,000 Fulton County voter registration cards into a trash bin.

The cards contained a voter's full name, address and Social Security number. The office says a random sampling showed many of the cards were for active voters.

In a statement, Secretary of State Karen Handel said the finding "represents a significant and serious breach of the personal information of Fulton County voters and an outrageous violation of the trust and integrity of Fulton County's elections."

After getting a call from a resident, officials with Handel's office found more than 30 boxes of voter registration application cards, precinct cards and other documents Monday in a construction trash bin at Atlanta Technical College in southwest Atlanta.

Handel has called in the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the county solicitor general's office to investigate and says she will audit the county elections office.

Handel says she also has asked the County Commission to warn voters that their personal information may have been exposed.

and then from the cess-pool called Ohio:

CLEVELAND (AP) - The Republican chairman of the embattled Cuyahoga County elections board resigned Wednesday, days before he was to face a removal hearing.

Ohio Republican Party leader Robert Bennett has been under pressure from Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner to step down. Brunner, a Democrat, ordered the board's members to resign or be fired last month. A removal hearing for Bennett was set for Monday.

``I recognize that continuing to serve on the board with the current adverse relationship with the Secretary of State was not in the public interest and she came to understand that, while there had been problems in the past, there was no wrongdoing by the board,'' Bennett said in a statement.

Brunner said she was not absolving the board, but agreed to dismiss the complaint she had filed against Bennett after he initially refused to resign. Three other board members resigned last month.

``This saves the community a rehashing of many of the problems it's dealt with up to this point and it allows the board to move on in a very positive way,'' she said.

Brunner has accused the panel of shoddy work, including elections glitches and cost problems. The county has experienced election problems, including improperly trained poll workers and a hand count of 18,000 absentee ballots that delayed the May 2006 primary results for days.

Bennett had argued that things were improving and that last November's election went well in Cuyahoga, which includes Cleveland and has more than 1 million registered voters among a population of 1.3 million.

Brunner is in the process of appointing the two Democrats and two Republicans on the board.

I have no idea if this is a harbinger of things to come, but i delightfully await our presidential election!

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