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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ditch the Russian Flag...

...and replace it with the old Soviet flag. "Comrades, we
have another proposal about changing the flag," Putin tells his advisors, "but this one is quite a bit more attractive, and I think we should consider it. But first, tell me--how much time do we have left on the current flag contract with Coca-Cola?"

There are two truths in this joke: One--under Putin, the personal financial interests of the state apparatchiki have become completely inbred with the national interest. The entirety of state-owned and controlled enterprises are run by and for the benefit of the cabal around Putin--a collection of former KGB colleagues, St. Petersburg lawyers, and other political cronies. This band of comrades has managed to place all of the large money-making industries under their control--so much so that the thought of losing their grip when the Russian president's second term ends next year is a source of rising anxiety for his inner circle.


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