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Sunday, April 15, 2007

the March on Moscow

i have been keen on Russia my whole life. i used to ditch class in highschool to go to the library and read Soviet Life. i had dreams of being a Trotsky or Lenin-type character when i grew up (didnt happen). my fascination with Russia and more/over Soviet history and culture continues.
i have been watching with great interest the protest in Moscow. not enjoying the narratives from the more pedestrian news wires, i found a blog with a first hand account of the happenings (complete w/ pictures). if you want a first person view of whats going on and are wary of mainstream press...check out Darkness at Noon! there is a wealth of info on Russian life and culture.
Kasparov was arrested because "he came and began to provoke police into taking harsh action, while knowing that the demonstration on Pushkin Square was forbidden," a police spokesman was quoted as saying by Interfax news agency.
The former chess champion was taken to court in central Moscow and charged with shouting anti-government slogans. "Today the regime showed its true colours, its true face," Kasparov said during an adjournment.
On Saturday, police, some wearing body armour, checked the documents of people passing through the square.
Insignia on the police vehicles showed that many of them had been drafted in from outside Moscow.

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