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Monday, April 16, 2007

N.C. State is Fighting the RIAA

The Recording Industry Association of America has upped its campaign against N.C. State students downloading music with 23 lawsuits.(1)

Originally, the RIAA was only sending letters regarding a settlement students could pay to avoid legal action. However, the organization has now sent lawsuits to 37 who elected not to settle.

Student Legal Services, led by Pam Gerace, can't stress enough that students who are caught up with the RIAA have support and can fight the charges.(2)

It's apparent, based on the amount of attention the University gets from the RIAA, that we are one of its main targets, and this is something we all must fight.

We realize that students who engage in music piracy have done something illegal, and neither Student Legal Services nor the Technician advocates for it.

However, Student Legal Services does want to make sure students are treated fairly.

We applaud it for stepping up and taking charge of this situation, because many students are uneducated when it comes to legal rights and courses of action when dealing with legal accusations.

It is imperative that the University community makes it clear that the RIAA can't shove us around with its deep pockets, and the opposition starts with the accused -- students.

If you are one of the targets of the RIAA, contact Student Legal Services immediately. Do not settle and do not attack this by yourself.

The more money and victories the RIAA scrapes up from NCSU, the more it will continue to come after us.

This is an uplifting example of how a university can reach out and help students, especially with such a challenging situation dealing with big money and big ruthless companies.


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