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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Online Piracy

i am very aware of the war on rampant piracy in south east asia and russia but this story hits close to home, i frequent the forum and seek answers to my PC interests/ questions/woes, etc...thehotfix is a great resource for all computer users, not just ubergeeks or microsoft 'spies', as one forum member alleges. one opposing view amongst the anti-MS rhetoric

--" You idiots all flame Microsoft for protecting their intellectual property, yet you forget that you're the thieves stealing the software developed by them. You can't flame them and then enjoy using their software (and your vulturous behaviour clearly indicates that you do)."

-- one piracy apologist said " STFU J***C. No wonder we have spies here around tongue.gif
And no, who says we realy enjoy MS's software?? Sometimes it's just plain oops. And MS dont give a oops and only thinks about security.
We have our reasons for being pirates..."


"You can say that but there’s a huge difference between the hotfix and Microsoft. Maybe where the thieves but in my opinion I’m only stealing back from a company that has a worldwide monopoly and is charging ridicules prices for a single license. I have several systems for which I had to buy more than one OS license, who’s the thief here??

So don’t talk to me about idiots and my/our behavior, just wake up!!!"

and finally an accomplice waded into the fray:

-- "I gave richard access to my account to access the private Beta to leak onto the web.

I have already contacted Microsoft appologised and they have termminated my access to the beta.

Please stop bothering Richard Any complaints/hate mail queries ect. can be sent to"
--and it seems that he is contrite for his irresponsible act but how contrite is hard to gauge by this innuendo

-- "nice one jordan, thts real cool wot u did! [biggrin.gif]

Hopefuly M$ will drop it, hav they said nething else to u app from removing u from the beta program?"

i would have thought that there would have been some admonishment for bringing the heat onto thehotfix. and in all fairness the poster who manned up for the incident seemed remorseful and truly dismayed at losing his beta testing status. i respect him for being personally accountable. it seems to me that the trait for being accountable for your actions is missing in many people lately. and i would love to leave you with the most insightful post in this piracy issue:

In Soviet Russia, betas leak you!

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