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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Raymond Hilliard Housing Project


While many CHA sites have been maligned for their monotonous, institutional-looking architecture, the Raymond Hilliard Homes(Hilliard) is regarded as an aesthetic gem. With their curving structure and honeycomb-shaped windows, Hilliard Homes is reminiscent of one of Chicago’s architectural treasures, Marina Towers. This is hardly coincidence. Both sites were designed by renowned architect Bertrand Goldberg, who designed Hilliard in 1966 as his team was completing the Marina Site. Hilliard was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1999, a distinction that played a significant factor in plans for the site’s renewal. More than 30 years after its construction, the Hilliard site remains architectural unique, a bold expression of individuality that shatters the conventions of public housing.

Existing Conditions

About 290 residents currently reside in Hilliard, which consists of two 22-story family buildings, shaped in an arc and encircling a public space, and two cylindrical sixteen-story buildings reserved for senior residents. Approximately 200 units are currently occupied at Hilliard.

Plan for Transformation: Mixed-Income Rehabilitation

Hilliard Homes is undergoing a comprehensive rehabilitation and will ultimately be converted into a mixed-income community. Once completed, Hilliard will form a gateway to the State Street corridor, where several other CHA properties will also be renovated. Rehabilitation began in 2002. This historic restoration will result in 305 public housing rental units and 349 affordable rental units for a total of 654 units.

The rehabilitation of Hilliard will include landscaping, parking, an accessible road, lighting, fencing, basketball courts, and playgrounds. The buildings’ fa├žade, windows, doors, railings, central heating and air conditioning systems, amongst other areas, will be completely renovated.

You can find more info about Chicago HUD and Raymond Hilliard.

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