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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Some Sweet Condi Spin

'Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says she does not rule out a meeting with her Iranian counterpart at a conference on Iraq's security in Egypt.' I don't see why this is not a requirement. I would want every neighboring country involved. What we have done to the power balance within the Middle East (Iraq and Afghanistan) is criminal. The vacuum it will leave when we pull out of these countries effects the whole region and they should have been consulted before the invasions and during the ongoing conflicts. It is both arrogant and negligent that we (the USA)went to someone else's neighborhood and completely trashed it. We have the Monroe Doctrine, which is pretty much a big FUCK YOU to the rest of the world about meddling in the affairs of our neighborhood.

Sweet Condi has also been back pedaling (video and transcript) on the "imminent threat" put out about Iraq and its nuclear/chemical/biological programs. In my opinion the Bush Administration is waking up to the fact that they need the help of the real power players in the Mid East if they are going to save any face and avoid broadening this ill-planned and executed war.

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