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Monday, April 30, 2007

Warner Music Wake Up Call

Recent weeks have brought major changes in the music industry and a major victory in our battle against DRM. First Steve Jobs pledged to drop DRM if major labels would let him. We held his feet to the fire with over six thousand people signing an open letter to Jobs asking him to back his pledge! Apple and EMI then announced that the iTunes Music Store would sell EMI tracks without DRM, and this has been followed by similar announcements from other online music stores and retailers.

Call these Criminals TODAY and let them kmow how you feel.

The Heroes Behind This Campaign.

Make a call today! All the folks listed below work in Warner's New York offices. Try to make your calls in the morning on the East Coast. If your on the West Coast, you might want to wait until around 10AM PDT (after lunch for those on the East Coast).

* Laird Popkin, Director of Digital Technology
* Alex Zubilaga, Executive Vice President for Digital Strategy and Business Development
* Edgar Bronfman, Jr., Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
* PR Department Execs:
o Will Tanous
o Susan Mazo
o Amanda Collins

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