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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cheny's Rose Colored Glasses

big Dick Cheney says that "all is well" (video) in Iraq as mortars and rockets slammed the 'green zone' in Baghdad, Iraq. U.S. counterterrorism officials beg to differ. the washingtonpost describes a 91% rise in terror in Iraq. i wonder if iran was ever considered when the U.S. Gov. decided to destabilize her eastern and western borders. also, the post cites concerns by Turkey as to the weakening of her common border with Iraq: "Turkish leaders expressed increasing frustration at what they viewed as Iraq's inaction against the PKK" -- the abbreviation for the Kurdistan Workers Party, which launches attacks into Turkey from Kurdish areas of Northern Iraq. Dick, if you mean it is going well for you and the corporate whores you represent; i have to agree with you. your world is rosy, indeed. however, if it is all well for the Mid East, Iraqi and American citizens, or the world; i beg to differ. at least, stop lying to me.

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