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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Protect America: Generals call Bush a Liar

Three retired generals, John Batiste, Paul Eaton, and Wesley Clark, and a veteran of Afghanistan are taking to the airwaves to dispute that claim in a new series of ads sponsored by VoteVets. The ads are intended to force Congress, and particularly GOP members who have continually rubberstamped this war, to do its job and end this war. "For too long, the President has maintained that he’s just listening to commanders on the ground, which is utterly false. These ads set the record straight, directly from the mouths of those men," said Jon Soltz, Iraq war veteran and Chairman and Co-Founder of "The President isn’t listening, he hasn’t listened, and he hasn’t shown an interest in listening to commanders on the ground in Iraq. If the President won’t listen to commanders, then Congress must. They must force about a surge in diplomacy, and not allow a war without end."

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