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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Redefinig Amerika

it seems that the FBI has been busy telling state and local police/law-enforcement what defines a terrorist. there have been a few write ups in Blogland and nary a one in Major Media. it seems that "defenders of the constitution" and "Anti-Nuclear/Anti-War" proponents are to be considered terrorists. "Christian's" are suspect because of their belief that the 10 Commandments are God given, Gay/Animal/Enviromental Right's activist have made the list. anyone with a prior conviction for vandalism may be/become a terrorist. i can not say this enough: "anyone who wants you to surrender your freedom (no matter how small) is not looking out for your best interest." that is a fact. explore the PA terror awareness web page and this counterpoint blog. under the these guidelines- are founding father's were terrorists.

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