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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

hello world…WAKE UP!

o the rot within…

the time of american hegemony is over. the fractured state of american society and bilateral disfunction of the political apparatus are the main contributing factors. collective guilt, bankrupt corporate ethics and the lack of personal accountability fuel the disease that is killing the amerikan republik. the global neighborhood has caught a whiff of the decay and the buzzards are starting to circle. the potential for increased societal control of a mistrustful and mutually fearing population already divided by class and economics is at hand. fears are carefully and repeatedly created and fed by a mass media who wishes to create a culture of fear, often through the manipulation of words, facts, sources or data, in order to induce certain personal behaviors, justify governmental actions or policies (at home or abroad). a few techniques the fearmonger uses to distract the public’s attention from allegedly more urgent social issues like:

* careful selection and omission of news (some relevant facts are shown and some are not);
* distortion of statistics or numbers;
* transformation of single events into social epidemics; (social distortion)
* corruption and distortion of words or terminology according to specific goals; (political correctness)
* stigmatization of minorities, especially when associated with criminal acts, degrading behaviour or immigration policies;
* over-generalization of complex and multifaceted situations;
* causal inversion (turning a cause into an effect or vice-versa);
* outright fabrication of events.

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