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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

KKK Grand Wizard 'GAY' and "very proud of it!"

“I am proud to announce that I am a homosexual,” said John Carolina, the Grand Wizard. “And I want everybody to know that this development will not interfere with my goal towards the construction of a white nation.”

Mr. Carolina was seen at the meeting with his significant other, William Maddox. Though Maddox is not a member of the KKK, he voiced his support, saying “I am behind John in everything he does. I’m just glad that he found the courage to live freely and without fear. He can finally be himself.”

Johnathon Carolina has been an active member of the KKK since he was 14 years old. And though he admits to having protested homosexuality in the past, it wasn’t until 16 that he realized he was gay. At first, John says, he vigorously denied it and tried to suppress his homosexual feelings, but when he met another Klansman that was gay, he became more open to his sexuality.

John went through roughly 6 homosexual relationships with various klansmen before he found William Maddox, who encouraged him to be open about his sexuality and accept who he is.

“Homosexuality is rampant in the KKK,” John says. “But everybody is very quiet about it. It’s very suppressed. I am hoping to finally bring all the klansmen out of the closet!”

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