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Saturday, June 9, 2007

no-confidence vote against Gonzales

it is about time Congress has started using the 'no-confidence' vote. better yet, the people of this Republik should rise up and start using it...

"The Senate plans to take up a no-confidence vote against Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on Monday, a sponsor of the measure announced Friday.

"If all senators who have actually lost confidence in Attorney General Gonzales voted their conscience, this vote would be unanimous," Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said in a statement announcing the vote. "However, the President will certainly exert pressure to support the Attorney General, his longtime friend. We will soon see where people's loyalties lie."

Gonzales has faced myriad calls for his resignation from lawmakers in both parties, but Republicans have so far been hesitant to endorse the no confidence vote.

The measure would be non-binding and would not force Gonzales to leave his post as the nation's top law enforcement officer. But the political symbolism if the Senate formally declared itself to have lost faith in Gonzales's ability to perform his duties would deal another blow to the scandal-wracked Bush administration.

The attorney general is under fire for his role in the US Attorney firing scandal, in which Democrats accuse Gonzales and the White House of conspiring to oust federal prosecutors who did not advance their political will." -- RAW --

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