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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

United States Bombs Somalia

The US fires cruise missiles into Somalia with no authorization. The President is out of control. one of my previous comments on US gunboat diplomacy: "let me see how the US has been keeping the peace...especially with bombs. the US has bombed the following countries since the end of WWII: china 1945-46, korea & china 1950-53, guatemala 1954, indonesia 1958, cuba 1959-1961, guatemala 1960, congo 1964, peru 1965, laos 1964-73, vietnam 1961-73, cambodia 1969-70, guatemala 1967-69, grenada 1983, lebanon 1983, 1984, libya 1986, el salvador 1980s, nicaragua 1980s, iran 1987, panama 1989, iraq 1991-present, kuwait 1991, somalia 1993, 2007, bosnia 1994-95, sudan 1998, afghanistan 1998 2001-present, yugoslavia 1999....there it is for anyone keeping score." we have such a great way of helping people worldwide.

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