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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Deadly gun fights in near Texas border

Gun battles between suspected drug gang members and troops have left 21 dead in northern Mexico, police say. Heavily armed soldiers near the Texan border were seen to remove bodies.
The violence started when gunmen drove into Villa Ahumada, a farming town in Chihuahua state.
They dragged several people - including police officers - out of their homes and killed at least six.
Troops then arrived as the scene and 15 people, including one soldier, died in shootouts. Drug-related violence kills thousands every year in Mexico.
In a separate incident on Monday, armed men forced their way into a prison in the northern city of Torreon, and killed three inmates.
The dead men were being held for kidnapping and murder, and were transferred to the prison less than two hours before the incident.
The gunmen also released nine other inmates from the prison before they escaped.
Some 40,000 soldiers and police have been deployed since December 2006 against Mexico's drug cartels.


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