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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Inside Charles Darwin's Kent home

 At home with Darwin... 200 years on
Charles Darwin's home, Down House , in Kent, is set to reopen to the
public this week with a new permanent exhibition marking the
bicentenary of his birth. 
Many of the rooms contain original furniture and artifacts giving a true flavor of Darwin's life as a country gentleman, family man and scientific revolutionary.
Charles Darwin (Getty Images)

Darwin moved to Down House in 1842, and stayed until his death

Darwin moved to the village of Downe with his wife Emma in 1842, six years after returning from his famous voyage on HMS Beagle. He lived and worked there for four decades, until his death. It was here that he wrote many of his groundbreaking works including On The Origin of Species.

His great, great granddaughter Sarah Darwin, a biologist at the Natural History Museum in London, is hugely impressed with the results: "It's very evocative. I think you get a very strong feeling of his family life here," she said.

"He was living and working at home and you can imagine the noise his children would have made. The house would have been very alive with people and ideas."

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