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Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Guide to GID-DIY-style Government

being from illinois, i got the "FEVER". impeachment fever that is. instead of waiting for your favourite politiko to get indicted -- DIY! i have found an online resource to help you get the ball rollin guys!

"Jefferson's Manual" is an interpretive guide to parliamentary procedure, and is included (along with the Constitution) in the bound volumes of the Rules of the House of Representatives. It is ratified by each congress (including the current one), and has been updated continuously through the history of our democracy. The section covering impeachment lists the acceptable vehicles for bringing impeachment motions to the floor of the House.

the House Judiciary Committee can put together the Articles of Impeachment, someone must initiate the impeachment procedure. Most often, this occurs when members of the House pass a resolution. Another method outlined in the manual, however, is for individual citizens to submit a memorial for impeachment.

you have to scroll up for the PDF...or get it .doc-style below...

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