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Friday, June 10, 2011

Thank 37 Senate Democrats for defending Medicaid

Dear Friend,
Democrats have been vocal in their opposition to the Republican attacks on Medicare. But even as recently as this week, major media outlets were speculating about whether Democrats would agree to severe cuts to Medicaid as part of a compromise with Republicans on raising the debt ceiling.
Fortunately, Democratic senators are working to put that fear to rest.
Yesterday, Democratic Senator Jay Rockefeller, a leading defender of Medicaid, announced that thirty-six other Democratic senators joined him in sending a letter to President Obama vowing to oppose the Republican attacks on Medicaid.
When senators step up for important programs like Medicaid, they deserve our thanks. I just thanked Senate Democrats for co-signing the Rockefeller letter, I hope you do too.
You can find out more information and take action at the link below.

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