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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Postal...Soviet Style

OK...going postal in russia loses something in the translation...
as posted over at Hack a DAY: Apparently our Russian brethren have some issues ordering things online. Their shipping solution? A bit of remote social engineering. Thanks to the nature of Russian addresses - that is, the language is pretty easy to recognize - they've found that putting down their address in Russia along with a Canadian zip code will usually result in the package being forwarded along thanks to the thoughtful Canadian postal workers. Spacebo...

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and another poster had this tidbit:

As a Libertarian I especially Hate Socialists disguised as Democrats. So I started signing up to a couple of campaigns of some really pinko types. I donate $1 Dollar and Letters will start POURING in. I think they all trade lists etc. Anyhow once the letters start coming to me from say candidate X. I take the generic Pre-Paid envelopes they usually supply and Clear Tape it to a Brick that I have wrapped to look like a package. When done properly it only takes a few minutes and it looks like a nice package with their address and a Pre Paid stamp. From what I understand they ship these prepaid letters to the recipient and weigh the whole shebang. They then bill the recipient for the weight. The bricks are equal to 1000s of donation letters Plus since they normally get money in them it costs them double. During election season, especially presidential I get tons of these letters. I have a pallet of bricks left over from building my house so I grab a couple and while watching TV I assembly line them. I have wrapped and packed as many as 7 of these babies in just a few minutes. However the Joy it gives me is worth far more. I am now on so many DNC mailing lists that I can send tons yet rarely duplicate the candidate. My version of Power to the people!!! by MoneyOx


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