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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Bush: the improbable Diktator

"Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them just pick themselves up and hurry off, as if nothing had ever happened" - Winston Churchill

"If someone can make you believe absurdities, they can make you commit atrocities". - Voltaire

And was Churchill and Voltaire absolutely on target. The first Bush action was to create a reason to get some of those pesky Constitutional laws out of the way. You know the ones - Rights of the citizen, Restraint of Abuse of Authority, Habeas Corpus - i.e. "The Rule of Law". Immediately after the Towers were down, even before the smoke cleared, the assault of our Rule of Law began. The Rationale presented was "It's necessary to fight off the enemies of America". Or "we'll fight them over there instead of over here."

But why did this Administration bring their assault on the Constitution to full fury? The reason is clear for all but the Ignorant to understand and those inept people took the easy route - "Support the President". By diminishing the strength of the rule of law - the Constitution, the Bush Bunch ( Neo-Cons-the Profiteers, Enablers - the ignorant, the inept, the Party firsters, and those looking for Armageddon ) make it easier for them to operate and violate laws out of the light of scrutiny. The aim of the Neo-Cons is to become able to operate with impunity as they engage in war mongering, subjugation of any dissent of their actions, ownership of the Executive, the Congress, and the Legislative branches of our American Government. They are the Big Business operation. The Neo-Cons using Bush and his bunch, have ushered in the New American Century manifesto, implementing their Agenda, as outlined in their statement of principles declared in the Spring of 1997.

Their published plan is to:

1. Enormously increase military spending while decreasing Social Programs ( Social Security, Medicare, Welfare, etc). They need a large military to enforce their plans for items 2,3, &4. And don't think for a moment that the Neo-Cons don't have a major influence on United States Foreign Policy

2. Topple Foreign Regimes resistant to American Corporate, or their complicit partners, financial Interests. We have been doing this for the last 60 years. Who starts these wars and why? Has there been a war in these years that didn't profit Big Business? About 100,000 Americans have died in these "Undeclared" wars and millions of citizens of those "Foreign Regimes" have died. Business profits have soared for United States Military-Industrial Complex Companies.

3. Force Democracy at the barrel of a gun in order to get a Neo-Con friendly Government in power. Notice the above ( Over 40 Countries ) how many are actually democratic now? Can you name any?

4. Become the sole keeper of World Order. Can you imagine the money to be made by Military-Industrial Companies if the Neo-Cons can pull this off?

George W. Bush, the Neo-Cons toady, leads our country toward the aims of the New American Century and I truly believe that he is unconcerned of the incredible harm he is bringing to this Country. Under his Administration, Torture and Renditions have become acceptable practice, Bush claims its his right to decide which laws to obey, Lobbying scandals, Peeking in on everyone's daily life without justified cause, Secret imprisonment, Secret prisons, No right to a trial, an Increasing domination of the individuals private life, and ever increasing control of the Media and Secrecy of Government. None of this would be possible if the Rule of Law was applied to his administration.

A healthy and moral Society can exist only when there is a rule of law applied equally and fairly to all citizens, from the most powerful to the weakest, from the wealthiest to the absolute poorest, equally and fairly to all races, religions, and any citizen who doesn't fit into the above. Our once great country has been weakened by a vile administration that would ignore the rule of law. Left un-addressed this cancer will continue to weaken the resolve of its citizens and slowly the "Law of the Jungle" will supersede the "Rule of Law".

We must stop this slide into an oppression by the few, those like Bush and his minions. We must insist, no force, a return to Rule of Law for our country. This is the first step toward reclaiming our country for our children and their children, and on and on. We have to impeach Bush, Cheney, and others of the Government who have been complicit in this vileness. Our final act should be to put in place a fail safe method to bring to heel those that would enable a dictatorial White House.

Once that is done we need to bring in the Neo-Con profiteering group for trial as war criminals. Hundreds of thousands dead, $ Trillions squandered for the suppliers of war materials, and hatred spread around the world for the once revered United States - all because a few decided to make a bunch of money, corner energy resources, and perpetuate their power and position. The time is now to stop the madness.

by Cliff Carson [ [send email to pap@#R$] send him email], who is a freelance writer and Populist Party contributor.

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